Bit Port

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies historical data.
Tailored for professional use, from professional devs.

About Bit Port

We're a team of talented programmers working on services for the professionals that are involved in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies market.

Bit Port currently sports an automated value ticker for a large variety of cryptocurrencies, automated alerts based on the coin values, and mathematic insights about the fluctuations the cryptocurrencies have over time.

Bit Port will be your main partner for bitcoin-related and cryptocurrency-related big data, period.

What data can Bit Port provide?

Bit Port is an advanced historical cryptocurrency prices aggregator.

Currently we hold more than 15GB of cryptocurrency prices, volumes and market caps starting from February 2017.

Bit Port can be consumed via API, or you can ask for the cryptocurrency historical prices tables. We can provide them in any format you require.

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Bit Port: How it works?

Bitport stores cryptocurrency prices every minute of every day, 24/7, and aggregates this data into price tables that can be used in a very large amount of different use-cases.

Data is gathered from different sources so that the final prices result is weighted data, with no affection from source-related problems or data manipulations.

The advanced API we provide to our customers can enable the developer to obtain prices, buy/sell signals, for whatever historical date starting from the 1st February of 2017.

Contact Bit Port

Feel free to email us to ask for infos, or to just say hello!